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The Organized Student book coverOverstuffed backpacks, missing homework, unused planners, forgotten tests — sound familiar? Countless children possess the ability and the desire to do well in school, but not the tools. The Organized Student (Fireside, 2005, $14) is the first book to provide hands-on strategies for teaching children vital organizational skills that will allow them to succeed in school and beyond. Discover the key to unlocking your childís potential and answer the question, "Where's my homework?" once and for all — "Where it belongs."

"The Organized Student is the best! At last a book kids and parents can really USE....The suggestions in here really work."
 — Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Delivered from Distraction

"This book is written with the head of a professional and the heart of a mom. It provides a treasure chest of specific, field-tested strategies that enable children to handle the organizational demands of our middle schools and high schools. Keep this book on your nightstand because youíll refer to it again and again."
— Rick Lavoie, author of It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend

"Of all the how-to books I've read, this one gets first prize. I predict that levels of parent-child frustration will drop significantly if they take the lessons to heart."
— Clarice J. Kestenbaum, M.D., professor of clinical psychology, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

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